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Atiya S. Brown aka The Savvy Accountant is a CPA, CA and a Certified Financial Educator Instructor. She has over 14 years’ experience in the accounting/finance world. She attended The John Molson School of Business (JMSB) in Montreal, Canada for both undergrad and graduate studies. She finished top 5 in her graduating class before completing the Chartered Accountancy examination to become a CPA, CA.

She has worked in both the private and public sector. She has a real passion for wanting to build Generational Wealth and help others do the same.

She is here to remove any fears you might have with money and turn it into LOVE! Atiya wants to help you Live Financially Savvy so you can build Generational Wealth for yourself and loved ones. She was able to pay of $32K in consumer debt and increase her credit score 110 points in under 1 year.

She is the creator of The Savvy AccountantTM – where she specializes in helping individuals in the Real Estate industry Live Financially Savvy. She is their go to Accounting and Tax Advisor. Tax Strategy is her gift and she has a goal to help her #SavvyFamily aka clients save $2MM by 2021, her largest claim to fame so far is $292K in savings for 1 client in 2019!

Atiya also created Live Financially Savvy, LLC to help others with their foundation to live their best financial lives. She has a podcast with the same name, where she facilitates the connection between people doing amazing things in the finance world to people who want to learn how to create wealth.

Atiya has been featured in Black Enterprise, Medium and The Ladders and has spoken at events for BB&T, Women on the Rise Orlando and Savvy Chicks in Real Estate. She has also appeared on several podcasts, Journey To Launch, 30 in 30, and the Jamaican The Entrepreneurial You podcast to name a few.

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