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Amiah Sheppard | Mogul Chix

I’m Amiah Sheppard and I focus on founders that use their uniqueness to get their companies funding. Through Sheppard Consulting Group, I provide the tools and resources for founders to position their company for funding immediately. In addition to being an in-demand Pitch Coach, I’m also an angel investor and active advisor. In leveraging my expertise to help accelerate a company’s growth exponentially, I help founders tackle the bottlenecks that keep them from

organizational success.

I specialize in bridging the digital divide for companies focusing on their customer engagement and marketing, strategy, operations, and capital efficiency strategies. Before devoting my work full time to founder education, I led investments and accelerated 24 underrepresented founders, plus helped invest and support 100 other underrepresented founders internationally at a $7 million dollar venture fund. After that experience, I took that knowledge and ran a pro-bono accelerator at a legacy nonprofit in South LA for 6 local startups and small businesses.

Recognized as an innovative and passionate thought leader in tech, I was featured on’s 2019 30 under 30 The Future of Venture Capital. I am a member of Columbia University Venture Community, LAVA, and BlackVC, and in 2019, I was voted Visionary Investor of the Year via VentureFuel. I’m presently pursuing a Masters in industrial and Organizational Psychology and reside in Los Angeles, CA.

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