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Our Clinics are taught by authorities in their respective fields. Each of our experts have proven credibility and success.
Our Experts
Adrienne Graham | Mogul Chix
Adrienne Graham
Business Growth Strategist & Founder of Mogul Chix LLC.
Amiah Sheppard | Mogul Chix
Amiah Sheppard
Pitch Coach
Radiance Harris Esq | Mogul Chix
Radiance Harris, Esq.
Attorney & Founder of Radiance IP Law
Tonya McNeal Weary | Mogul Chix
Tonya McNeal-Weary
Global Business Consultant & Founder of IBS Global Consulting.
Stacy Vaughn | Mogul Chix
Stacy K. Vaughn
Certification Expert & Co-Founder of D Unity Group.
Atiyah Brown | Mogul Chix
Atiya S. Brown
CPA/Accountant & Founder of The Savvy Accountant.
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