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26 Interactive Lectures. 7 Real World Application Projects. 26 Discussions. 5 Case Studies. 1 Simulation Team Project. 1 Pitch Project.

Business Education

Structured business education to learn strategies to properly grow & scale your company to become investment ready.

Learn Online, Anywhere

Attend livestreamed classes or via phone to participate in real time. Complete projects in real time. Bond with classmates on team projects.

Pitch Preparation

Get intensive instruction on preparing and delivering your pitch to investors by experts who will give you the tools for success.

Join like-minded women entrepreneurs with a shared goal…GROWTH

Register for the Mogul Chix Academy Growth Accelerator & build a scalable, profitable company.

Spring Accelerator kicks off May 19, 2020.


Rethink the Way You Do Business

Take Your Company from Flat to Profit Generating

to Investment Ready

So you’ve launched a business. Congratulations! But what’s next?

What’s keeping you from explosive growth? Why can’t you open that new location? Who are your real 1st, 2nd & 3rd level customers? What’s blocking you from raising capital? Where are all the talented employees & why won’t they work for you? How will you expand your brand into new lucrative areas? Why has it been impossible to scale fast AND efficiently? How many revenue streams can your business produce profitably? Are there cracks in your delivery and/or manufacturing system? Why aren’t you getting prime shelf space in major retailers? Can your current operations sustain growth?

These are all the questions keeping CEOs up at night. The Mogul Chix Academy (founded by Adrienne Graham– Business Growth Advisor, Serial Entrepreneur, Mentor, Author, Investor) offers a 6 month Growth Accelerator program that provides Female Founders with skills, technical assistance, tools and advisory in a one on one and group environment. We help you identify the problems and missed opportunities that keep you from growth, develop actionable plans, implement proven strategies, position your company for real growth and rethink the way you do business.

The Growth Accelerator is offered live, twice each year in April and October. And if you can’t attend or don’t feel the Growth Accelerator is what you need at this time, you can take any of our mastery classes and workshops based on specific themes and topics. Or you can buy the Mogul Chix Growth Intensive Self Study.

Mogul Chix offers an Angel Investor Bootcamp to teach women to become accredited investors and learn how to invest and build wealth as an Angel Investor. This bootcamp is a gateway to our Mogul Chix Angel Network and our Angel Fund (by invitation only).

For those who are only interested in obtaining investment capital, we offer Funding School. Join our mailing list to learn more.

Mogul Chix Funding School

Build Solid Teams

Learn how to plan for and build a solid, cohesive team that directly contributes to your bottom line. What worked to get you here, won’t work to get you there. A company is only as strong as its team. Your human capital is just as important as your customers. They’re your front line. We’ll give you the skills and tools to source & identify talent, hire top tier employees, create systems for managing your team and hiring process, and develop a strong employment brand that will rival any of the competition for the best talent.


Create Sustainable Growth

In the Growth Accelerator we will dissect your company to examine all of these key areas then help you build a strong company with long term sustainable growth strategies and profitability. Sustainable growth is the biggest challenge facing business owners. In order to create sustainable growth, you have to continuously provide value to your customers that will keep them coming back. And you must generate consistent revenue & cash flow. To do that, you need a powerful brand, transparency, in demand products/services, customer retention, structured operations, precise delivery methods, repeatable sales and a killer team that knows how to deliver the goods.


Find & Optimize Revenue Opportunities

Even McDonald’s has multiple revenue sources and business models. They are more than just hamburgers. Are you looking at every feasible way your company can bring in revenue? Stop hanging on to weak revenue streams and low hanging fruit just to pay the bills or break even.  Increase cash flow, figure out what else you can monetize, increase your profitability threshold and tap into multiple profit centers. We help you with long term revenue planning, financial projections, identify warning signs of revenue leaks and better understand your business valuation. And we help you identify the types and consistency of revenue your primary, secondary and tertiary customers bring in.


Create Lasting Customer Experiences

Create a customer experience that will leave all of your customers raving and becoming brand ambassadors. Without customers you have no business. Identify your primary customers who make up the majority of your revenue. But they shouldn’t be your only source of revenue. Many times we overlook additional customer bases because of fear or just not realizing they can be a source of steady revenue. Identify and connect with secondary and tertiary customers. Develop sales cycles and loyalty programs to keep them coming back to you.


Spring Accelerator kicks off May 19, 2020.

How It Works

Black Woman Attending Mogul Chix Academy

The Mogul Chix Academy Growth Accelerator runs for 26 weeks (6 months) and is offered twice per year. When you enroll, you commit to completing 26 Interactive Lectures, 7 Real World Application Projects, 26 Discussions, 5 Case Studies, 1 Simulation Team Project, and 1 Pitch Project.

Each week, you attend a 90 minute live session via private, interactive live stream where you will participate in real time with the instructor and other participants.

You will discuss the topic of the week, ask questions, review case studies, and provide feedback to your peers. You can dial in by phone or log into the livestream (so there’s no excuse for missing a session).

Weekly sessions are recorded and uploaded into the dashboard along with lecture notes, project tasks, editable worksheets, reading assignments (articles, books, and/or video & podcasts), tools and resources.

There is a private discussion forum where you can ask questions and join discussions with other classmates. In addition, there is a private Facebook Group which is optional to join.

Each month, you can schedule a one on one session with your advisor to clarify content, ask questions, create strategy plans and get mentoring.

You will be matched with a partner to complete the Simulation Team Project.

You will discuss 5 case studies that brings to life real business scenarios by addressing a dilemma that enables you to apply concepts you learn to real world situations in your actual business.

At the end of the academy, you’ll be participating in a mock pitch project using what you’ve learned to prepare your pitch for investors, and present your team project to the cohort.

Accelerator Modules

Latina Attending Mogul Chix Academy

INTRO ORIENTATION: Are you ready to build a company?

MODULE 1: Company DNA (Business Models, Revenue Models, Cash Flow, Pricing, Planning, Customer Strategy, Differentiation)

MODULE 2: People (Staffing & Talent Management, Leadership Principles, Advisory Boards, Strategic Power Networks)

MODULE 3: Process & Product/Service (Optimization, Operations, Technology, Sales Process Improvement)

MODULE 4: Traction (Negotiation, Conflicts & Setbacks, Brand Reboot, Market Readiness)

MODULE 5: Growth (Expansion, Succession, Financial Planning, International Business, Exit)

MODULE 6: Fundraising (Valuation, Funding Readiness, Types of Funding, Due Diligence, Pitch, Closing Rounds, Post Investment)

End of Course Symposium (Quality of Life, Pitch Project, Team Project, Wrap Up)

Mogul Chix Angel Bootcamp

Are you new to the world of Angel Investing? Want to invest in companies, but don’t know how? Let Mogul Chix teach you how to think and prepare to make angel investments. Angel Investing requires training just like any other form of investing. Investing comes with highs, lows, wins and pitfalls. This bootcamp demystifies the process for you and helps you earn your wings.

Next Bootcamp:

May 28-29, 2020.

Enroll in the Growth Accelerator

You know you have 90 minutes each week to dedicate to build a healthy company. So let’s get you started. In just a few simple steps, you can get your application started. We offer a variety payment plan options. You can choose the Full Pay (one time payment)- $4,500 or installment pay plans to suit your needs.  Pick the plan that best suits you. If you need a more flexible payment plan than what’s listed below, contact us.


Additional financing options available. Contact us for details.


$4,500.00 now.
Membership expires after 6 Months.

Full one-time payment for Growth Accelerator attendance.$4,500.00


$1,500.00 now and then $1,500.00 every 2 Months for 2 more payments.
Membership expires after 6 Months.


Growth Accelerator Bi-Monthly Payment Plan.


$750.00 now and then $750.00 per Month for 5 more Months.
Membership expires after 6 Months.


Growth Accelerator Monthly Payment Plan.

Spring Accelerator kicks off May 19, 2020.

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